Workforce and Economic Development Network of Pennsylvania (WEDnetPA)

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WEDnetPA Program Summary

An alliance of a variety of educational providers across Pennsylvania — including Pennsylvania’s 14 State System universities, Pennsylvania’s 14 community colleges and other educational providers — that acts as the delivery mechanism for the Commonwealth’s Guaranteed Free Training (GFT) program

Eligible Businesses

  • Point-of-sale retail businesses, gaming establishments, training vendors, employment agencies, government agencies, government-owned facilities, education and nonprofit entities are ineligible
  • Prior grant recipients with a high employee turnover (greater than 40%) may be declared ineligible
  • Participation is limited to two years in a row and three out of the past five years
  • Training must commence within five months of the grant approval letter or by the end of the fiscal year, whichever comes first. If not, the funds will be forfeited

Employee Qualifications

  • Employees must be residents of Pennsylvania and employed in Pennsylvania
  • Employees must earn at least 150% of current federal minimum wage, excluding benefits
  • The jobs must be permanent full-time positions eligible for full-time benefits

Training Program

  • The GFT program includes both instructor-led and online courses which can be taken on-site at the company, at a training provider or online at any convenient location.
  • The WEDnetPA-managed GFT Program offers two training programs:
  • Basic Skills Training – provides instruction in a variety of basic and entry-level skills
  • Information Technology Training – provides instruction in a variety of information technology and advanced applied manufacturing subjects