Alliance Academy Podcast Series

Podcast Series (updated August 2017): 

Podcast I: Going from Politically Correct to Real

presented by Samm Smeltzer, Owner, Leadership Arts Associates

The path to discover why you do, what you do every day and what it says about you. If you don’t get crystal clear about your professional why, you could easily find yourself one day disengaged or professionally unsatisfied.  Listen to this podcast to learn about popular tools to find your professional why and determine why you react in the ways that you do.

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Podcast 2: “Employee Handbook: It’s More Than Just Thou Shall Nots”

presented by Dee Yingst, Human Resources Consultant, Pennsylvania Chamber Insurance

Why is it so important to have an employee handbook, even as a small company? Dee Yingst will discuss this answer as well as sharing some examples of handbooks-gone-bad and the consequences faced by the company.  She will also discuss some success stories and show how employee handbooks can be utilized in other parts of your business.

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Podcast 3: Conversations with Kevin Schreiber

presented by Kevin Schreiber, President & CEO, York County Economic Alliance and guest moderated by Doug Henderson, Creative Director, Bold Creative Media

Learn about the YCEA’s new president and CEO, Kevin Schreiber, in this informal discussion.  He’ll describe some of his strategic goals and plans for the organization, discuss his first few months in the position and learn about his take on economic development and exciting projects in York County.

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Podcast 4: Ransomware – What is it? How does it work? How can you protect your business?

presented  by Robert Brooks, Field Engineer / Consultant – York, DII Computers, Inc.

Robert Brooks explains the risk to your company and what you can do to avoid the potentially serious consequences of being down or paying a large ransom amount. What would happen to your company if all your data and computer systems are locked for days? Listen to this podcast to find out how to avoid or deal with it if it does happen.

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Podcast 5: Internet of Things – What is it and how does it affect my business?

presented  by John Dolmetsch, CIO, Business Information Group

John Dolmetsch discusses the rising Internet of Things and how it will revolutionize business and our normal way of life.

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Podcast 6: Development Versus Training

presented  by Pat Conlon, Owner, The Conlon Group 

What is the difference between development and training of individuals and employees? How do attitudes, skills and goal setting impact the development of employees? How can a manager or team leader best utilize these things to get the best out of their employees? Pat Conlon discusses all of these and more in this podcast.

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Podcast 7: Four Elements for Rapid Business Growth

presented  by Julie Poland, Owner, Summit HRD

Julie Poland discusses a few actionable ideas for businesses on how to scale up without losing their sleep, their best employees, or their minds. This content is inspired by the book “Scaling Up” by Verne Harnish. Listeners will understand what the four elements are, what constitutes a “rapidly growing company”, and what tools a business can use even if it is not growing this fast.

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Bold Creative Media

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