York County Industrial Development Authority Partners with Police Departments for Unique Opportunity

Nov. 28, 2017
The York County Industrial Development Authority (YCIDA), staffed by YCEA, recently partnered with the York City and York County Police Departments to make the Yorktowne Hotel available for training usage.

“Part of the ongoing mission of the York County Quick Response Team is building community partnerships,” said John P. Hanuska, Patrol Sergeant with West Manchester Township Police Department and Tactical Commander with the York County Quick Response Team. “We would like to thank YCIDA for this unique training opportunity.  The resources afforded by YCIDA allowed us to sharpen our skills for the safety of all in York County.”

The site, about to undergo a significant historical renovation, allowed for a unique opportunity for local special forces units to do SWAT exercises such as door breaches and barriers, and hostage situation training. Canine units also participated.

“This is an unusual, but nevertheless important, example of how the hotel can serve and engage with the York Community,” says Jack Kay, Chair of the York County Industrial Development Authority. “We were happy to cooperate with local law enforcement in this training exercise.”

The wing utilized is slated for demolition in the plans for the future Yorktowne Hotel. The opportunity was shared with other regional police forces including Baltimore County, Baltimore City, and Philadelphia.