YCEA Germany Trip

Guten Tag! Wo ist ein Geldautomat?  Good morning! Where is an ATM?  What could be more important to you, besides perhaps, Wo sind die Toiletten? Where are the toilets? 

If you are planning to join the Economic Alliance as we travel to Germany and Austria in October 2015, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity!  Join us for four 90-minute evening classes that will help you will master pronunciation and basic expressions used in everyday German.

Go to Germany having learned some basic expressions that will not only be useful in certain situations, but will enable you to enjoy your trip much more than relying entirely on English.  Through the classes you will learn to read signs,  correct pronunciation,  ask for directions, make small talk and how to order a meal.

Gain cultural insight learning various tidbits about what makes Germany unique.

Instructor Charles “Chip” Kauffman is a retired certified U.S. Government linguist who lived in Austria and Germany. He teaches German for Penn State York and teaches language-related courses at York College.

For dates for these classes and additional information, please contact Judy Woods: jwoods@psu.edu.