Talent Attraction Program: Creativity Unleashed

York, PA is quickly becoming recognized as a community of “creatives”. Our industrial art and design heritage has evolved into a spirit of innovation in our cultural and social amenities and opportunities, and even careers. The result is an appealing and enriched quality of life for all who call York home. We call this lifestyle appeal, Creativity Unleashed.


The Economic Alliance Office of Workforce Development has adopted the Creativity Unleashed brand to promote the value of living and working in York.  This campaign includes tools available for your recruiting use, as well as ongoing promotional activities to give you a competitive advantage in attracting the innovative workforce of tomorrow:


Talent Recruiting Package (Available by request) For career fairs, one-on-one recruiting, or mailed directly to your prospective employees.  It includes three simple pieces to deliver an immediate and positive image of York: a brief welcome letter; YRK Magazine, a high quality pictorial highlighting our most impressive people, places and activities; and an 8G USB Drive with carefully chosen links that best answer the emotional question – will I enjoy living in York?



Cost of Living Rack Cards (Available by request)  A proactive strategy to effectively reverse the “big cities pay more” challenge; this two-sided, four color piece features impactful infographics of the cost of living advantage for groceries, housing and taxes in York vs surrounding larger cities.




Talent Attraction Website  www.CreativityUnleashed.com  highlights the key activities, events, groups, or locations that will entice your future workforce to make York their choice to live, work and play. It also links professionals to local job opportunities.



Peer Testimonials   Videos feature professionals representing diverse business sectors, each telling their personal story of why they chose to live and work in York and what they love most.  Videos are featured on the Creativity Unleashed website, and the Talent Recruitment Package includes a link to the video page.

YRKFALL2015_SOJI_10 5X7YRK Magazine Series  Each quarterly issue includes an inside-back-cover story under the CU brand, featuring one or more of our much loved community professionals who exemplify creativity in their lives.


Speakers’ Bureau (Available by request) This is a presentation designed to inform and encourage your employees to enjoy the many places and activities in York, and to get engaged in our community.  Engaged employees will feel like this is their “home” and want to remain here.


FOR MORE INFORMATION or to REQUEST MATERIALS Contact Kim Lentz at kjlentz@ycea-pa.org or call 717-771-4580.