South Western Region

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South Western Region Vision Statement

  • Managed growth and development
  • Conservation of rural and scenic areas
  • Revitalization and infill in boroughs, including restaurants, small retail shops, and small-scale offices to serve the local population
  • Limited neighborhood-serving, smaller scale retail expansion in townships that address the daily needs of residents
  • Diversification of manufacturing and industrial-based development
  • Agricultural protection
  • Agritourism, which could include but is not limited to farm bed and breakfasts, wineries, corn mazes, and hayrides
  • Agriculturally related support businesses
  • Agriculture to meet resident’s daily needs (e.g., farmers’ markets)

The South Western Region of York County has a rich industrial and agricultural heritage. The Hanover Area is the county’s second largest population center. Reuse and infill development will be key to future industrial, office and retail development in the area. Nationally recognized brands, such as Utz and Synder’s-Lance, are located in the South Western Region.