Greater York Region

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Greater York Region Vision Statement

  • Conservation of rural and scenic areas
  • Revitalization and infill for City, boroughs and townships with underused buildings
  • Commercial corridor development accessible via alternative modes of transportation (e.g., sidewalks, transit)
  • Higher density, mixed use development in growth areas (e.g., creation of Town Center in Springettsbury Township to include mixed use development, light industrial, and neighborhood oriented retail)
  • Recruitment of target industries, including firms engaged in research and development, technology and innovation
  • Agricultural protection
  • Agriculturally related support businesses

The Greater York Region of York County encompasses the center of the county, stretching from the Susquehanna River in the east to the rolling hills of Jackson and Paradise Townships in the west. York City sits in the heart of the region. The majority of the county’s population resides and works in the Greater York Region. As the County’s hub for office, retail and industrial employment, the Greater York Region will likely continue to serve as the County’s predominate region for growth.