Municipal Development

York County Economic Development Plan

The York County EDP was adopted by the York County Commissioners in 2009 as a component of the York County Comprehensive Plan, and serves a road map for economic and community development initiatives in York County over a period of 10 years.

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Municipal Briefing Newsletter

The YCEA is working tirelessly to expand our reach to all 72 York County municipalities. To further aide these efforts, our Municipal Outreach Program now publishes a quarterly Municipal Briefing. The briefing is mailed to municipal leaders throughout the county and serves as an update on happenings within the Alliance, noteworthy State and Local Government issues, as well as Economic Development initiatives that are underway throughout York County.

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York County Planning Regions

York County is a growing county that is home to more than 430,000 residents. The industrial, cultural, and geographic diversity of York County presents both opportunities and challenges for economic development. The York County Economic Development Plan examines the five distinct regions listed below. Click on each region to learn more.

Hanover Area Economic Development Plan

The York County Economic Alliance dedicates full time staff to serve the economic development needs of The Borough of Hanover and Penn Township, located in the southwestern region of York County. The Hanover area is home to a historic downtown, prime agricultural land, and a hearty industrial base.

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Fiscal Sponsorship

The Partnership for Economic Development of York County (PEDYC), a 501(c)3 organization, acts as a fiscal sponsor for economic and community development projects in the County that support the goals of the York County Economic Development Plan. Fiscal sponsorship allows organizations to solicit tax-deductible donations and access grant funds requiring a 501(c)3 applicant.

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Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

The South Central Pennsylvania Regional Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) provides a plan for growing and sustaining the economic welfare of the region. The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy is a collaborative effort developed through localized planning processes. This document is meant to promote and guide sustainable economic development, enhance our local environment, and create an effective balance of development in our region.

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Municipal Outreach Program

The York County Economic Alliance in partnership with the York County Planning Commission seeks to work with York County’s municipalities to implement the York County Economic Development Plan. Through the Municipal Outreach Program, the Economic Alliance offers guidance to municipalities in their economic development and planning efforts. Membership in the Economic Alliance is free to all York County municipalities.

From revitalization plans and rezoning decisions to site plans and regional initiatives, the Municipal Outreach Program offers a wide variety of services to municipalities to support the economic development goals of local jurisdictions and York County:

  • Information
  • Incentives
  • Demographics
  • Liaison to Business
  • Facilitate Municipal Cooperation
  • Labor Shed Analysis
  • Municipal Profiles
  • Site Evaluation
  • Site Marketing
  • Funding Information
  • Technical Support
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Economic Development Visioning
  • Economic Development Plan Guidance
  • Economic Development Staff Support
  • Plans/Ordinances Reviews
  • GIS Services
  • Funding Applications
  • Traffic Engineering Studies
  • Build-out Scenarios & Analysis
  • Direct Staff Support
  • Contract Services

The Economic Alliance staff works directly with elected municipal officials and staff to address each municipality’s unique needs. Most services are available to municipalities at little or no cost. The Municipal Outreach Program prepares municipalities in the five planning regions of the county to attract desired economic development.

The Economic Alliance publishes Municipal Developments, a quarterly newsletter for municipalities to educate the community on positive economic development going on around the County as well as economic development tools available to municipal officials.

For more information on the Municipal Outreach Program or the York County Economic Development Plan, please contact Kyle Joines, 717.771.4583.