Advocacy Agenda

Education and Workforce:
As we inch closer to full employment, we must plan to equip our labor force with skilled professionals and ensure the attractiveness of our state as not only as a place to do business, but where individuals feel confident in residing in. Executing a well thought out plan will ensure that our county is well positioned to address the growing demand for labor and incorporate all residents into the workforce. Examples are:

  • Support for community and technical colleges funding and expansion of adult education
  • Pre-K and early learning accessibility
  • Bridging communications among educational institutions and employers in key industries
  • Greater access to apprenticeships
  • Calling for legislative action on the Clean Slate Act, Fairness Act, and Right to Work


Economic Development:
The YCEA supports the funding of economic development programs that can have a social and economic impact to our county. Economic development projects must be promoted, developed and funded throughout the county. When polled, YCEA member organizations overwhelmingly supported both city as well as rural economic development actions that benefit all regions of the county. The YCEA will continue to support:

  • Support actions to increase Pennsylvania’s competitive environment and entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Protection of industries and support programs to encourage growth
  • Protection of Creative Financing Tools such as LERTA, NAP, TIF, NMTC, and HTC
  • Infrastructure development and efficient systems for 21st century needs

Operation of Government:
The government both on the state and federal level is hindered by operational constraints. Taxes, pensions, regulations, and budgets are long debated. The YCEA will continue to engage our elected officials on government expenses and revenue sources to ease operation and efficiency by:

  • Calling for streamlined steps toward solutions on taxes, pensions, regulations, and budgets.
  • Calling for thoughtful and thrifty use of state and local tax revenues for prudent expenditures that promote business as well as employee prosperity.


Health Care:
YCEA membership has expressed a deepening concern over the escalating cost of healthcare, with rates approaching the unmanageable. Rising health care costs are making it increasingly difficult for employers to recruit, retain and offer modest merit increases to remain relevant in a competitive landscape. The YCEA will continue to monitor, review appropriate options, report and advocate for:

  • Viable program solutions that account for affordability, quality, private coverage, and equal tax benefits for individual and employer-provided insurance plans.
  • Support efforts that allow for stability and predictability for employers in planning for provided coverage.
  • Support policies that positively impact medical education and proven wellness and disease management programs in the workplace.

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