Advocacy Agenda

Property Tax Reform:

  • Based on member feedback, the YCEA’s top advocacy priority will be addressing property tax reform. A sensible property tax reform is needed to eliminate the burden of the current property tax system. YCEA will support legislation that has a plan to ensure continued support and quality funding for our public schools, while ensuring first time home buyers, working families, and elderly are not overburdened in property taxes or alternative increases in other tax revenue sources.


Education and Workforce:

  • A well-educated workforce will allow PA and York County to continue to prosper. The YCEA will support efforts in workforce development programs that will allow for a thriving public sector and educational opportunities that will provide employees with the tools they need to succeed. Examples are:
    • Creating opportunity through the Clean Slate Act, Fairness Act, and Right to Work
    • Apprenticeship Reform
    • Pre K and Early Learning Accessibility
    • Greater Access to Community Colleges
    • Careers in Two Years


Economic Development:

  • The YCEA will support increased funding for economic development programs. Economic Development must not be limited to the cities, the economy is driven by the county as a whole. Our members called for development in the city and throughout the county, YCEA will support actions that benefit all regions of the county. The YCEA will continue to support:
    • Keystone Communities
    • Increased funding for IRC and PREP regions
    • Creative financing tools such as CRIZ, LERTA, and TIF
    • Reduction of CNI Tax rate



  • For York County to increase in development and attract new business we need to place profound focus on our infrastructure. Expanded fiber optic networks, efficient stormwater practices, investment in our roads, and public transit systems are needed to meet 21st century needs. Additional issues of interest are:
    • The growing share of the Motor License Fund dollars allocated to state policing of local communities has decreased available dollars for infrastructure
    • PA statewide rail plan to include passenger and freight in York County


Pension Reform:

  • The pension crisis needs to be addressed, we support efforts to produce opportunities for cost savings and other reform opportunities to the system. We encourage efforts to arrange administration and management of plans by the Pennsylvania Municipal Retirement System.
    • Municipal and State with a focus on reduction of the unfunded liability


Health Insurance:

  • Members of the YCEA have expressed that healthcare costs are raising to rates that aren’t manageable. Rising healthcare costs have made it difficult to increase wages to remain competitive in order to retain and recruit new employees. YCEA will monitor and review actions on changes in healthcare coverage.
    • Reform the Affordable Care Act

Advocacy Priorities 2016 (PDF)

Advocacy Priorities 2015 (PDF)