Advocacy Positions

Business Advocacy Positions

The York County Economic Alliance evaluates member priorities annually with the Legislative Priorities Survey. Membership responses shape the legislative focuses of the Advocacy Committee. However, policy making decisions power rests solely with the committee.

The Advocacy Committee has endorsed proactive stands on important issues including:

  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Hotel Tax
  • Immigration Reform
  • Labor & Workforce Issues
  • Sustainable Third Class Cities
  • Economic Development
  • Revenue Enhancement

The Coalition for Sustainable Communities

Pennsylvania has 53 cities of the Third Class, many of which serve as the economic hub of their regions. Cities of the Third Class form a vital foundation for Pennsylvania of infrastructure, commerce, innovation and community with all of its opportunities and challenges. They also provide the location for many regional and professional jobs that have higher income than that of the city residents. But as important as third class cities are, almost all are struggling with structural deficits. The problems of PA cities definitely affect adjoining municipalities in their metro region. As cities fall below a certain tipping point, it becomes impossible for them to grow themselves out of their decay. In an effort to find solutions, a Coalition for Sustainable Communities alliance was formed to bring together Chambers with a special interest in Third Class Cities.

Read the Position Statement Addressing Third Class Cities (pdf).

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