Action Center

Action Alert Emails:

Action Alerts are call to action emails to drive only the necessary supporters to take action based on their districts and advocacy campaigns we are targeting. Advocacy campaigns address an issue targeted to a chamber of the Legislature, committee, or specific elected official. Members will be provided with sample messaging to send to targeted groups, this is so members will only have to make a few clicks to send an email or have a detailed script to make a call. Members will receive emails based on location, constituency, activities, and other custom fields.

General Information:

General Information will be will be utilized to keep members informed on legislative happenings as they come through. A quicker way to educate members on a new story or development.


The Advocacy Newsletter, formally called the Advocacy Summary, is one part of the services of Advocacy Action Center, the newsletter will be used to inform members of issues affecting York County businesses.


Petitions are support letters. Members will be able to add their names to an issue they support. When members are asked to sign on for petitions, they will be briefed on the issue and then will be able to review the letter. In two clicks members can sign on to support an issue the York County Economic Alliance wishes to address.


Advocacy surveys will now run through the Action Center. Surveys will be used on a as needed basis for members to share their story on a particular legislative issue or to provide feedback on a specified subject.