NutriCore NorthEast, Inc.

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In 2005, the national Manufacturing Technology Center, Inc., and the York County Economic Development Corporation (YCEDC) — now the York County Economic Alliance — led a coalition of corporations, industry organizations, research universities and municipal communities in establishing Nutricore Northeast (NCNE).

For more information on NutriCore, please contact Kenetha Hansen , 717.814.8879.


  • To coordinate services to both industry and government agencies to maximize their investments in food or nutrition research and development.
  • To promote collaborative, focused research and development in areas of foods and nutrition.
  • To provide the necessary facilitation to achieve the goals of the National Nutrition Strategy through effective management of resources, assets and expertise.

$250,000+ in Food Science Research

  • Genetic Based Disease Resistance in Fruit Trees
    • Robert Farrell, PhD
    • Pennsylvania State University, York Campus
  • Survivability of Probiotic Bacteria in Dairy Products
    • Robert Roberts, PhD
    • Food Science Department, Pennsylvania State University, University Park
  • Enhancing the Anti-Oxidants in Fresh Mushrooms
    • Robert Beelman, PhD
    • Pennsylvania State University, University Park 
  • Childhood Obesity Study
    • Virginia Stallings, PhD
    • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania
  • Quantify & Enhance Disease Immunity from Fresh Mushrooms
    • Solo Kuvibidila, PhD
    • Research Institute for Children, Louisiana State University
    • New Orleans/Oklahoma State University, Stillwater


Nutricore Northeast also created YorKitchen (see our blog post). YorKitchen is a shared kitchen culinary incubator designed to assist with the start-up and expansion of food related businesses and to create opportunities for the agricultural community to generate value-added products.

For more information on YorKitchen, please visit their website.